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When you feel the tingling sensation or hear high pitched wines in your head, throughout astral projection, know that your astral body is almost to leave the physical body. All you need to do is to extend yourself up and out. Whereas you may opt to follow your arms out, some people will do it in a different way by presenting as though on the flooring. Others appear to obtain out feet out first. Whichever the method you prefer, it takes a great deal of inner will to stretch yourself out of your body. A customer testified that in his first experience, while he was trying to extend, he felt a hand pull him out which is how his astral body detached from the physical body. For you there could be no hand to pull you out.

So, even when you feel as though you are walking through a thick fog with just an arm out, keep going. These experiences simply differ from person to person.

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There are no adverse effects in astral projection if the projection comes by during normal sleep since it is a natural phenomenon. Nevertheless, there could be an issue if this astral projection is induced specifically if the person is not ready fully for the travel.

If this occurs, the person will meet lower or adverse astral beings. He might end up in a vortex referred to as the Phantasmagoric Plane. Here, the extremely negative entities will attempt to get his astral body by force and be determined not to let him get away.

This is much like going inside a black hole where there is no escape. This indicates that the person will not wake up at all. Astral projection is safe and safe since this abnormality is very unusual. Likewise, it is advised not to attempt inducing astral projection in a haunted place or a place with lesser adverse entities since there can be spirit possession while the astral body is away. An additional entity may take advantage and manage the sleeping physical body. Causing an astral projection ought to be done in a favorable and safe environment therefore.

Out of Body

Although it can be artificially induced, astral projection is a natural occurrence that enables an individual to purposely separate his soul or astral body from the corporeal or physical body. When this occurs, the consciousness of the person chooses the astral body. The result of astral projection is similar to that of an out of body experience. For example, when someone’s soul leaves the physical body all of a sudden without the intent of the conscious mind, like during injury or surgical treatment, the person is said to have had an out of body experience. An astral projection is a similar event just that whereas the out of body experience takes a shorter time, an astral projection takes as long as the person wishes to. Throughout astral projection, the physical body continues to be behind in a kind of stasis. The corporeal body is still alive and functions normally even when the astral body is gone. The 2 bodies are connected by a silver cord that when cut, the individual succumbs to death. It is thought that this is what happens in death.

When the silver cord is cut, there is no longer any connection between the soul and the body anymore and the consciousness of the mind leaves the body behind with an empty shell of organs, flesh and blood. This is exactly what is buried or cremated.

Some individuals start astral projecting at 15 or even younger. At this stage, they astral project more often for example about 4 times a week when they have actually understood the art definitely. It reaches a time when an individual can often get tired for one reason or another and therefore the regularity of astral projection decreases. Some people will get tired of being attacked by the negative and low energy astral entities. Naturally, during college years, most individuals will likewise engage in astral travel not as frequently than they did at senior high school because they often start focusing on matters of the real world more.

Then later on in life, the frequency reduces due to aging. The older you are the slimmer your opportunities are that you will successfully astral project. The most probable reason for this could possibly be the simple reality that at a later age, there is so much to think of and address other than astral projecting.

A teenager does not have any kids to bother about. The young person neither thinks of funds and health like the moms and dads would do. Likewise, the opportunities of a teen who is just starting to astral project to be successful are greater than those of a 40 year old also starting. This reveals that younger individuals appear to discover astral projection much faster and have a better control over it than the older members of the society.

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