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The feeling of floating outside of your body is what is known as an out of the body experience. Out of body experience also known as OBE is a scientifically proven phenomenon. This experience happens frequently for those that are near death.

The concept of perceiving your own body from a realm or sphere that is outside of your body is what is known as astral projection, which is also an out of body experience.

An out of body experience is also called astral projection, especially when it is done intentionally. There have been numerous substantiated reports of people on death’s door leaving their bodies and looking down upon them while medical workers rushed about the room in an attempt to save their lives. After their lives are spared they are able to describe the activities in detail from a perspective in a location other than their physical body lying on a hospital bed.

The term of out of body experience came into existence in 1943 when earlier it was termed to be said as projection.In olden days this kind of experience was called spirit walking.Scientific researches are still going on with this particular phenomenon as such one cannot deny it as something imaginary.

Nearly one in every ten people have gone through an experience like this at one point in the lives. Because the number of individuals that have experienced an OBE, this cannot be looked at with skepticism.

Some people experience this feeling of out of body at certain instances like due to sudden mental or physical trauma,inducing certain psychedelic drugs or even due to the entry into a world of trance or coma.

One can find many places on internet which helps in bringing the person into a state of out of body.Astral projection is not a very difficult task to achieve into life,one should know particularly about the ways to bring it under control.It is a natural process used by ancients too.

Its an unfortunate fact that under the influence of modern technologies one has forgotten the presence of this theory.For achieving this into life,one doesnt need to be very much spiritual or mentally focused.

Concentration and focus is required in order to have an out of body experience at will though because your conscious mind will work against you to prevent your astral body from leaving. There is an innate fear that your astral body will not come back and this acts like a roadblock when you want to learn astral projection.

If you believe in the fact that your astral body can leave the physical body for a while and still make it back then astral travel will be easy.

However, if there is just this brief bit of fear that one’s astral body is going to escape one’s physical body and he is going to end up in the state of limbo, one is better off not trying any sort of experimentation.

However, if you are able to silence your mind, and believe that your astral body will return to your physical body you can astral travel. Any purposeful (done on purpose)out of the body experience starts with a mediation or self hypnosis. You have to start thinking positively by telling yourself that you want to have an out of the body experience. When the mind takes over you are will notice that you are more open to the thought of astral travel.

You must choose a time and location where you will not be disturbed. Lie down with your arms at your sides. Take slow deep breaths and focus on your breathing to the exclusion of everything else. Enter a state of deep relaxation so that your physical body will let go of your astral body and let it go forth into new dimensions that are not open to mental or physical exploration.

At this instance one is going to start feeling the jingling expression where one should encourage this sensation.If conscious thoughts keep coming in that stage one should remove them away,and keep their focus into the main stream by breathing deeply and gently.

It normally starts with the signs of body vibration and rapid heart-beats.One should let these vibrations to engulf him without letting himself to get into over-excitation.One should leave the body in the hands of this astral world for finer journey.

Many people getting an out of body experience have revealed the fact that they experienced some distant zone far away from their physical body.

According to them, the experience which they had was definitely not a dream, because they had been existing in some other realm or sphere and undergoing experiences there. So if you want to take part in this exciting new world of astral travel and believe that you can do it, you Can Do It.

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