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An astral plane describes an additional plane of existence, a different world of consciousness separated from that of the physical body. Propagated by old religions and other esoteric philosophers, the term astral projection entails your consciousness travelling forth from your physical body to a different astral plane.

Lots of people today are devoting a huge amount of effort in learning astral projection. This is because of the fact that the experience of leaving your earthly, physical body and seeing it from a distance is an experience of a lifetime. Additionally, your subtle state of consciousness, your soul, or your astral existence, transcends the physical universe and moves easily to a greater plane moving away from the body to any place wanted, observing the earth at a distance. Hence, exceling in astral projection is an incredibly sought-after activity amidst the esoteric followers.

First of all, in learning astral projection, you have to have faith in yourself and really have faith that it is possible for you to divide your spirit self, astral body or consciousness from your physical body making it move freely to ethereal worlds. The best way to do this is to make a note of all your thoughts on life and truth, then jot down all the good things that you desire to see taking place and affirm your mind relating to the latter

In mastering astral projection, you require to have faith in yourself and truly belief that you can separate your aura, astral body or conscious from your physical body making it move freely to ethereal realms.

It helps in calming one’s mind, increasing interest and control over one’s subconscious and assists in visualizing and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is incredibly necessary in case of mastering astral projection.

Thirdly, exceling in astral projection features the extremely important element of time. The right time in which to lead to such a projection is throughout REM rest.

People slumber in 4 phases with each stage becoming deeper than the previous one. After the last phase of incredibly deep rest, the cycle turns around till it concerns the phase of the REM or quick eye movement phase where the brain activity is at its max. This is the time which is the most helpful for mastering astral projection.

Now that you are psychologically ready for astral travel, rest in a dimly lit or candle lit room preferably in light garments. Remember that no electrical equipment should be switched on to sidetrack you and abstain from having an excessive amount of food, especially products like non-vegetarian or caffeine.

Attempt to mirror the REM sleep mode, let your body rest, but keep your mind awake and concentrated. Begin with meditating and knowing yourself and the energy flowing in you. Channel this energy into a vision of you moving up from your body or you can also picture a ladder and yourself climbing up by it.

A vital thing to keep in mind in mastering astral projection is that if one has even the tiniest of apprehensions regarding whether you’ll be able to revisit the body then you will definitely not have the ability to leave in the first place. Additionally, after you actually leave your body and progress forward bear in mind not to panic or be nervous while moving away more because then you will be instantly sucked back into your body immediately.

Finally, technological innovations like binaural beats can be used in generating the psychological state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural beats entail hearing 2 different sound frequencies with both ears which then syncronizes with your own brainwaves so as to create the needed mental state. Whatever procedure is utilized, becoming good at astral projection is not really simple and needs you to make use of your higher powers of mind. However, once it is attained, it is truly an experience of a lifetime which opens numerous doors to your character which you might not have actually known before.

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