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Grasping Astral Projection requires mastering the art of detaching your perception from your physical body and transporting from the latter towards a much higher astral plane. Ancient religious leaders were presumed to be masters in this and could leave the physical borders of the universe by traveling to a higher plane.

Do you realize how it would feel to exit your body and let your consciousness journey to different ethereal levels, recognizing your own physical body and the world from far away? It is for this very reason that comprehending astral travel is so very popular amongst many different cultures.

A vital and paramount part of grasping astral travel needs mental affirmations.

Remember that in order to accomplish anything, you have to believe that it can be done. Get rid of any fears and doubts from your mind and constantly affirm or tell your subconscious that you really can do it, and you will be able to transport yourself to the astral regions. Make a note of your opinions if you want to and always remember that having faith can attain almost anything in life that you choose.

It is really vital in attempting astral projection is starting meditation techniques. With increased meditation, you will gradually become more aware of your inner self. You will find that you are able to control your subconscious mind and channel all your energies into your object of desire which enables you to develop a heightened power of concentration which is vital for successful astral projection.

Another vital factor in mastering astral projection refers to the moment of the projection. In this aspect the image of REM needs to be analyzed. After four levels of sleep each more profound and slower than the previous ones, the sleep cycle reverses. REM means Rapid Eye Movement stage when the brain is at its most active and dreams are generated. It is this period of time which is the most conductive for astral travel.

Successfully comprehending astral projection involves creating the right atmosphere. Small assistance elements would be to wear cozy clothing, vegetarian food prior to such exercises and refraining from items such as coffee. Arrange for a suitable area which is calm and peaceful. A minimally lit or candle filled atmosphere where there are no electrical devices to interfere should be enough.

You should start with tiny meditational procedures for calming down your mind and to focus your energies. Attempt to visualize a rope dangling ahead of you and see yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a profound unconsciousness like phase and focus all your energies on this visualization.

An essential point to take note of in grasping astral projection is that when you are traveling away from your body, even if for the trivial of moments start to feel a unexpected fear concerning whether it is possible to return back to your body at all, then be assured that your astral projection will come to a sudden end then and there.

You will feel a sudden pull from your body or even feel a unexpected ‘sucking back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral level to reality.

New technology like that named binaural beats can be used to help in creating the mental state that is conducive to astral projection.

Binaural Beats involve hearing two different sound waves through each ear simultaniously which binds with one another and synchronized in the brain to create the correct mental state.

Whatever technique you used to get yourself prepared and then embarking on the journey of astral projection, it will truly be a journey of a lifetime and an experience you will remember forever.

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