dreams and astral projection

Mastering Astral Travel requires comprehending the art of separating your sentience from your physical body and transporting from this to a higher astral dimension.

Historically, ancient religious leaders were all masters projecting and could transcend the physical edges of the universe by traveling to another dimension.

Do you wonder what it would feel to fly away from your body and let your consciousness journey to different celestial dimensions, recognizing your own body and the world from a long way away? It is for this very reason that mastering astral projection is extremely popular amongst many different cultures.

A really important and paramount part of mastering astral travel requires that you use psychic affirmations.

You should remember that to accomplish anything, you have to have faith that you can, in the first place. Get rid of any fears and doubts from your head and constantly affirm or tell your subconscious that it is possible, and you will be able to project your spiritual self to the astral regions. Make a note of your beliefs if it helps and don’t forget that faith can accomplish almost anything you want out of life.

Meditation is a very important component which is crucial for understanding astral travel. When you use meditation one achieves increased self-consciousness with understanding about his real self and what his potential is. It facilitates relaxing your mind, increasing awareness over one’s subconscious mind and assists with visualization and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is very important in case of comprehending astral projection.

Something else which is important in learning astral projection refers to the time of the projection. In this aspect the concept of REM needs to be analyzed.

After four levels of sleep each more profound and slower than those previously, the sleep cycle goes into reverse. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement stage when the brain is at its most active and the majority or dreams are generated. It is this period of time which is the most conductive for astral travel.

When you are completely prepared mentally for astral projection and know the perfect time for it, arrange for minimimely lit room where there’s calm and peace without any obstruction from person or electrical devices. If possible refrain from eating meat and items like caffeine and thereafter lie down slowly. It is a good idea to wear light cozy clothes. Your primary goal should be to simulate REM sleep.

Begin with small meditational methods to relax yourself and to gain control of your consciousness. Let your body sleep while amplifying your concentration. Have a vision of yourself flying out of your physical body or even climbing out of your body by using something to help you in case you feel any opposition and thereafter channel all your attention and energy on what you are imagining.

What can prevent astral travel is the fear or anxiousness in the mind of the person concerning coming back to his physical body.

Always recall that having faith in something is really the most essential thing and even the trivial apprehension concerning such things will prevent the projection from being successful.

You must not be nervous or you will not be successful.

Even if you can manage to project to a higher plane and then get worried in traveling out from the body you will instantly return.

New technology like that of binaural beats can be used in creating the psychic state that is suitable to astral projection.

Binaural Beats involve listening to two different sound vibrations through each ear simultaniously which binds into each other and synchronized in the mind which establish the correct psychic state.

Whatever technique is used, mastering astral projection is quite difficult and needs a lot of practise. Although when you get it right, it is a feeling of a lifetime which forces open many doors to your true inner self which you probably would not have been aware of previously.

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