soul out of body

Have you ever dreamt of floating out from your body and then seen yourself from outside? You probably woke up at that point, thinking the dream to be strange. But it was probably the opening sequence of an astral projection experience when you were asleep in which your spirit left your body and traveled to higher astral dimensions or a different reality of consciousness.

Many people try really hard trying to master astral projection. This is because the experience of leaving your own physical body and watch it from a distance is truly life-changing experience. Moreover, what is referred to as your subtle state of consciousness, your aura or your soul transcends our current reality and your consciousness then moves to a higher plane which is moving away from the body to wherever you desire, observing everything at a distance.

And so astral projection is a very popular activity amidst followers of esoteric knowledge.

In mastering astral projection, a really vital thing is making affirmations to ensure that your subconscious mind knows that you will be able to do it. If there are any doubts and your subconscious mind is not convinced then astral travel will be extremely difficult. It is vital you have complete faith in what you are doing and so what needs to be done is to write down some of your beliefs regarding the nature of reality and then record and keep going over to yourself all about the immortal, omnipotent nature of your spirit self which can travel to different astral planes.

Meditation is a very important part which is crucial for understanding astral projection. Through meditation one achieves increased self-consciousness with knowledge about his real self and potential. It assists relaxing your mind, increasing awareness and control over one’s inner self and assists with visualization and focusing all his energy and attention to that vision which is very important in case of grasping astral projection.

You should record in attempting astral travel, the time in which you will induce it. Almost all astral projection that takes place is seen to be in relation with sleep, specifically REM and the lucid dream stages. When you sleep you go through four stages with your sleep growing deeper with each one. After the fourth stage the cycle inverses until reaching the REM mode which is when you experience Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is the time when people dream a lot and is the perfect time astral projection.

Successfully comprehending astral projection involves developing the right ambience.

Small facilitating factors would be to wear cozy clothing, vegetarian food prior to such activities and refraining from items such as alcohol or caffeine. You should arrange for somewhere which is calm and tranquil. A dimly lit or candle filled ambience where there are no electrical mechanisms to cause interference should really be sufficient.

Start with small meditational procedures for relaxing your mind and to channelize your energies. Attempt to envision a rope dangling ahead of you and yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a profound unconsciousness like phase and focus all of your energies on this perception.

The hindrance factor in case of astral projection is the fear or apprehensiveness in the mind of the person concerning returning back to his or her physical body. Always bear in mind that having faith in something is really the most essential thing and even the slightest reluctance regarding such things will not let the travel from being a success.

After you actually leave your body to continue on please remember not to panic or be afraid while moving since your spirit will then automatically return to your body.

Technological assistance like that known as binaural beats can be adopted in creating the correct state that is conducive to astral travel. Binaural Beats involve hearing two different sound waves through each ear simultaniously which fuses with each other and synchronized in the mind to establish the required mental state.

Whatever technique is used, mastering astral travel is really quite difficult and needs high mind power. However, once achieved, it is a feeling of a lifetime which forces many doors to open to your real self which you might not have been aware of before.

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